Amerandus Research Website Hacking Notice



I contacted senior support and got some more details on what happened to your site. It seems that the files that were removed likely caused the site to go down. They explained that these files had to be removed as tlleyt compromised and could have damaged the server.

We are going to attempt to do a restore from the oldest backup and try to get the site back up that way. However. since the farthest backup is after those files were removed. tile only way it will work is if there was some other issueintroduced to your site between the time of the oldest backup andnow. Also,this restore cannot be done before tomorrow. If tile restore does not work than you will need to restore the site from your own backups or reinstall WordPress on your stte. Once again. these files had to be removed as they posed a risk to tile entire server.

We will let youknow once tile restore is complete. Pleaselet us know if you have any questions. Thank you,


LuxSci Support